Power & Speed

To accommodate the New Mix Master design, I had to move the power & speed assembly from one corner to another. This meant cutting off the corners and rearranging them. It also meant that the circuitry would need to be moved.


Removing the 45 adapter corner.

For one set of wires, the set of two going from the power supply to the circuit board, no modifications would be necessary.

The two circuit boards, one in the assembly, one by itself.

Unfortunately, with the new location, the set of ten wires going from this circuit board to the main control would not be long enough. Fortunately, I have a spare. By cutting the wires at the base of the clip I will be able to connect them to the other set. Nine white and one red.

Doing this was scary, a real commitment.

By starting at one end and clipping one wire at a time I was able to keep the sequence in order and spliced the ten wires together, doubling the length of them.

The end result, points off for neatness.

With Gaff tape and supports the power & speed assembly is moved to another corner and it all works! Both the speed & power selections work and the platter spins unobstructed!


The next steps will be the proper placement and attachment of the third tonearm assembly and the building of the break-out box for that tonearm.


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