Next steps into the New Mix Master

When we left, TT3 was being cut up again. I’m glad to say that although nerve-racking it was successful.

TT3 after a successful knobectomy.

After cutting off the second corner, I reassembled the power and speed section with the earlier removed parts.

The reassembled power section placed on top of where it will be relocated.

From now on the second grey TT will be called TT2, the black TT will be TT1.

The power supply and speed area will have to be moved on TT2 so that the third tonearm assembly can be placed properly. On TT1 the corner with the 45 adaptor will be removed.

The center of the spindle is 210 MM from the pivot points of the tonearms, so the location of the third tonearm has to be at a place where those two arcs cross.

Layout #2. Tighter footprint, more internal moving of things.

Go here for more information

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