My dear friend Fred, AKA, Enrico Delorian has made a DJ case for the new mixmaster project. I am so grateful and impressed with his carpentry skills. The detail, the joinings and hardware choices are all amazing. I love the notch in the side for the cables to run out.

I’ve got foam padding on order for the interior surfaces. The circuit board for the third tone-arm, the middle one, will be secured underneath the grey turntable. The turn tables will be raised with the foam padding to allow for this setup. I am working on a frame – support setup for the third tonearm and am getting closer to making that as well. Once that is complete I can begin wiring the tone arm to the circuit board and hope that it works.

Enrico Delorian has always had a thing for polar bears. In fact you can listen to a radio show we did together way back in 1986! The polar bear review of the 1960’s, with the drum jam collage from hell. He had had the idea of creating a drum-jam mix using drum solos from 1960’s R&R chestnuts, but no way of doing it. I happened to have a radio station at my disposal one night a week. This recording was one of the first one’s that I digitized, back when I started doing that stuff. It is still fun to listen to. And now, with Fred’s help, I will be able to make more sound collages with the new mixmaster.

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