Enrico Delorean on Technological Retreat


These two mixes were recorded in late 1985 on my old late night radio show – Technological Retreat. The Mix Master this night was my good friend Enrico Delorean. Not his real name chosen from a long list of not real names. In fact that night he was the Polar Bear. Enrico had wanted to do a 1960’s drum-jam noodle mix from hell for years but didn’t know how to pull it off. Well thank goodness for late night, freaked out radio shows like mine. I liked to make Sound Collages – Soundtracks of the late night mixed and mismatched with just about everything. This was a very fun and amazing night from a very long time ago.

“The ’60’s were like the ’90’s if you were standing on your head.” – Wavy Gravy.

Listen here.


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