Space was the place

We ate so many crappy Food Sticks and drank TANG in excess with the unspoken promise that this would somehow enable us all to be living in space or at least have personnel Jet Packs and flying cars by now. This video is about the future we were promised as kids in the 1960’s & 70’s but never got. The soundtrack for the video was made with old news and documentary records about space exploration and the space race. The videos are Public Domain Col Bleep cartoons from 1957 – 1958. This was a weird cartoon even by today’s standards (or lack of), and watching it you can see the influence it had on contemporary animation.


The soundtrack for Space Mystery Cards was made mixing around with a 78 RPM record set, Music Out Of The Moon by Leslie Baxter. Theremins, spacey vocals, lush orchestrations. Like that one guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark said before his face and body melted: “It’s so beautiful!” The flying saucer images are from a set of English Bubble Gum cards. There are some pretty unusual images.

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